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Our London In Bloom Award Winning 2023 open!!

In order to get in touch with us you are best to send a message via this website, our Phone is rarely manned and is voicemail only.

No pets or children under the age of 14 (the latter being a stipulation on our licence, this also includes babies) are allowed in any areas of the pub, garden included and no baseball caps are to be worn in any areas of the pub. Absolutely no footballs, scooters, electric scooters or bikes.

Ronnie & Mat invite you into their 2023 London In Bloom Award Winning Garden at The Alma, here are a few simple rules to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone in our beautiful and well-kept surroundings both inside and outside:
• Do not move the poser tables & stools or the patio chairs & tables onto the LAWN;
• Do not move the benches on the LAWN;
• Use the ashtrays provided, not the table bases, patio, pots, troughs or lawn;
• Empty crisps packets are to go in an empty glass and not in the gaps of the tables or on the floor;
• Help keep the garden tidy!
• Respect our neighbours, like we do, please no noisy behaviour, shouting or swearing;
• No ball games, the staff get excited, also no scooters or bikes of any kind;
• We are an adults only venue (stipulation on our license, this also includes babies) and pets are not allowed;
• We are a Challenge 25 venue;
• Due to allergies and intolerances any food or drink consumed on the premises must be purchased from us;
• No baseball caps to be worn when inside the building;
• We will not tolerate any form of abuse to any of our staff, this will be dealt with severely!
• If you have a complaint then ask to speak to Ronnie, Mat or Corrina, don’t go leaving a faceless review online, we are approachable people and would rather you left happy after a chat with us, leaving a faceless review will get a stern and honest reply!

If you would like to book a table in the pub be it for lunch or drinks, please do send us a message with the date, time and for how many.

Our weekly entertainment is on every Saturday from 8pm and Sunday from 5pm until May, then from June until September our Saturday night entertainment will be from 8:30pm, then from October our Saturday nights go back to 8pm and Sundays go back to 4pm.

We are a challenge 25 venue, this means that if you are lucky enough to look younger than 25 then you must be able to prove that you are over the age of 18, either a valid driving licence or passport must be shown to the member of staff who has asked, just vouching for someone is not enough and goes against the licensing objectives.

Monday nights are our famous quiz night, now fortnightly, start time 8pm, max team size of 6, joining fee per person £3, can you win the pot? Win play your cards right? How’s about a bit of bingo? See social media and event pages for updates and dates.

Every Sunday is our weekly meat raffle, £30 a week is to be won to spend at The Butchers (formerly Potters), a litre of spirits, 2 drinks from the bar and one of our stuffed crust pizzas, all proceeds go to the Community Larder at St John's Church.

Hot desks:
£15 per person with unlimited tea/coffee and post mix soft drinks and lunch included and the use of our high speed Wi-Fi, bookings are strongly advised, just send us a message to get yourself booked in.

Our great Lunch menu is available Monday to Friday 12pm to 2:30pm with Angelo now at the helm. Our stuffed crust pizzas are available Monday to Sunday up until 9pm. All of our food is freshly cooked and prepared in our continued scores on the doors 5 star rated kitchen. As we are getting busier at lunch times bookings are recommended but walk ins are also welcome as normal.

We serve Manze's Pie & Mash monthly as well as our monthly Sunday carvery, see our event pages for future dates.

Our opening times are Mondays to Thursdays 11am until 11pm, Fridays and Saturdays 11am to midnight (no admission after 11pm) and Sundays 12pm until 10pm, these times are of course open to change depending on how busy/quiet we are.

Happy hour at The Alma, Mat & Ronnie serving you, when we are here, Monday to Saturday 11am to 11:01am

We are an LGBTQ+ friendly venue.

We just want to confirm to you all that we are a zero tolerance venue and this will be upheld at all times, we will not tolerate any abuse towards our staff, we will not tolerate any form of abuse or phobia to anyone who is enjoying our pub and we will not tolerate the use of drugs, if any of this is found then you will be barred for life with immediate effect, we do not care who you are!

If these respectful rules are not followed, then you may be asked to leave. We have created a safe and friendly environment for everyone to come and enjoy, everyone will be made to feel welcome at The Alma, our pub is an extension of us and we hope you all enjoy and appreciate everything that we do for you as you do for us.

We have CCTV both inside and out and all areas are covered by this.