We have a lovely garden room that has recently been redesigned and decorated with a stage and is available for events, please do send us an email with your enquiry with all of the details with what you are looking for once you have read the below information.

As we are a challenge 25 venue, we cannot host 18th or 21st birthday parties. We do allow a limited number of children for any day events up until 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays only, but this is only for events up to and including Sunday the 10th of April 2022, unfortunately any dates after this children will not be permitted for any events until September once the garden is closed. Our room capacity is a maximum of 70 people. We do allow children that are 14+ in age for any events on a night time.

For the room itself we don’t do a hire free but we do have a minimum spend which is dependent on when the event is and for how long, this isn't what you need to be spending yourself but what needs to go behind the bar.

Once you have had a meeting with us to go through all of the details we will then require a deposit of £250.00 which will be returned to you within 48 hours after the event once the room has been checked over for any damage and the table cloths for any stains that we cannot get out.

All the tables will have on white tablecloths (we do ask that care be taken with these, more so with certain foods, if any of the table cloths are unsalvageable then this will incur a charge which will be taken from your deposit) and the chairs will have on covers with a choice of a coloured bow on each, so we can always match the colour scheme of any event. We do have a lot of contacts for catering, cakes, balloons, singers etc if you did want any of the mentioned then we can put you in touch with them if you so wish, also most of these are local to us.

We also have our own in house DJ, he is respectful to us and our neighbours, unfortunately every other DJ we have used has been the opposite, if you want your own music then this can be done via Bluetooth through our speakers in the room.

Nothing is to go on the walls whatsoever and absolutely no table sprinkles or confetti of any kind are to be used! If they are then there will be a cleanup charge of £70 which will come off your deposit.

For the food side of things we are more than happy for you to cater your own event and can put you in touch with people who can do this for you.

If this is something that you would like is to do there are 3 bands, bronze and this will be for sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, chicken platter, vegetable Indian platter and a Duck spring roll and vegetable spring roll platter, basically a finger buffet which will be served cold and a good soaker spread, then silver, it will be bronze with a choice of dessert selection or a cheese board with crackers, chutneys and grapes then the gold is the finger buffet, cheese board and dessert selection.

Costs will need to be discussed as it all comes down to how many you are catering for. If catering is to be done by us this unfortunately cannot be done on any Sundays.

For the drinks it can be a cash bar from the start, or you can do a welcome drink or an amount behind the bar, the choice is completely yours.

Time wise the room can be yours from anytime, the music has to be off by 11:25pm, the bar stops serving in the room by 11:20pm and the room is to be vacated by 11:40pm, the main bar stops serving at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays so once people have left the room itself they can then have one for the road before we close by 00:20, these times are earlier for Sunday to Thursday events.

If you or anyone else wants to come in earlier with any photos, decorations or balloons etc you are more than welcome to, the only thing we can’t have is sprinkles on the tables or anything on the walls.

Like any licensed premises the 4 licensing objectives will need to be adhered to.

We do not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment to our staff or other customers, if this happens then this can result in your event being stopped immediately and you forfeiting your deposit.

We can also host wakes of any size from 10+ people, we have our private public bar area which is perfect up to 25 people and then we have the garden room for any numbers above this. For the catering the prices will need to be discussed, as above, but this does come with unlimited tea and coffee included.

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